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Selling a wide range of travel books and expert guides to loyal customers in over 100 countries, Lonely Planet was looking for a responsive solution, that could successfully integrate commerce with content. Lonely Planet’s outdated in-house system was a bandaged solution originally built in the 1990’s and hindering their ability to successfully serve their customers, and became more of a risk than a tool for growth.

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  • Digital Commerce
  • UX Design
  • Development
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The Challenge

Bounteous worked with Lonely Planet to map-out a website architecture that could support selling globally in 100+ markets, and would integrate the core platform with their ERP to uncover customer insights and streamline the buying process to drive growth. In identifying the considerable risk that their previous system carried, the Bounteous team built a technology roadmap that would support and empower Lonely Planet’s aggressive growth plans in a sustainable way.

Lonely Planet chose Workarea Commerce Platform because it catered to the company’s global cross-market needs, had extensive features with an ease-of-use that was accessible by their entire team, and synced seamlessly with their existing platforms.

We want to break the bounds of a publisher. We’re not really a book company but a content company

- Mike Nelson
Director of eCommerce - Lonely Planet


Having published more than 148 million books and owning 31.5% of the global market - for Lonely Planet content is king. Building on the Workarea platform allowed Lonely Planet to merge content and commerce for an optimal browsing and buying experience.

We helped their team easily manage content from the backend, while successfully merchandising their products on the frontend for customers to purchase with ease.

Additionally we developed dynamic recommendations based on shopper's behaviour, we highly personalized the experience and crowdsourced trends on the site and repackaged information to users in other markets to discover new products.


In the first 3 weeks post launch, mobile bounce rates improved by 89%. Additionally there was an increase in total number of products added to cart. Lonely Planet are leading the front as digital experts in the travel market, and are exceeding expectations by merging both its integrated commerce with its content.

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