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Wilson Sporting Goods Co. has been at the forefront of award-winning sports equipment innovation for over 100 years, and continues to lead the charge in digitally connected, socially shareable, and highly customizable products used by premier athletes and everyday enthusiasts alike. Although recognized as technically masterful, Wilson’s passion for the people and culture surrounding their products was not reflected in their online shopping experience.

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  • Digital Commerce
  • UX Design
  • Development
  • Analytics Insights
  • Data Science Solutions
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The Challenge

We partnered with Wilson to turn their traditional eCommerce site into an experiential purchasing platform, resulting in increased revenue and eCommerce conversions, and a reduced bounce rate. These metrics reflect a transformation that fully established Wilson as a distinctive digital player in the highly competitive sports marketplace.We transformed their traditional ecommerce website into an experiential purchasing platform, fully establishing Wilson as a distinctive digital presence in the highly competitive sports marketplace.

Wilson® needed a solution that represented their distinct brand identities on single platform. This platform also needed to support experiential commerce: that transforms the buying process, leaving customers with an emotional allegiance to a brand and product.Their ecommerce platform Magento housed product information, but did not fully showcase Wilson’s diverse family of products, or support the content that connected customers to the brand.

Bounteous worked with our IT and editorial teams to resolve technical limitations, optimize existing content and maximize the reach of new content and campaigns. I’m proud 
of the work our teams did together.

- Michael Le Du
Chief Technology Officer, Wilson Sporting Goods


We connected Drupal and Magento using the web accelerator Varnish: this blended solution played to the strengths of both platforms, allowing for a shared shopping cart, scalable design, and the ability to incorporate rich, editorial content into product pages.


Wilson continues to engage customers in the digital space. They recently relaunched their homepage, and were able to easily implement a new branding strategy. By engaging with customers, Wilson makes their shopping experience more than buying what you need - it is a place to explore what you love.

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